Anxiety is worry or fear.

Anxiety does not happen due to circumstances, rather due to what we think about the situation. With safe conversation and self-empowerment, a plan can be sought and discerned together to reduce the fears/worrying and start being successful in dealing with the stressors successfully.

I have worked with clients who had become so anxious they were unable to drive themselves to sessions. Through several sessions, understanding and enlightenment came into place to reduce the fears and see a path out of the anxious thinking into effective thoughts propelling them into healing.


“As my mother was dying and I was working plus caring for her with a heavy heart, I also lost my job then the same day as that loss, was involved in a rear-ending car accident on a busy road in my hometown. I was not injured, I was not at fault, however car repairs and these three events in one week’s time had me paralyzed, unable to leave my home, fearful and unable to sleep. My son took me to Linda’s home where we started working toward my being able to release this anxiety and move forward in life. Little by little, one step at a time, she helped me create a resume’ drive first just on my street, then around the block then, finally cross the busy street where the accident occurred. My mother did die, and Linda walked me through that grief process. I had finally begun to drive to her home and dropped off physical resumes on the way home. I did find a position and am fully recovered from panic attacks, off meds and enjoying life.” B B

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