Couples Counseling

I very much enjoy working with couples to achieve a successful enjoyable relationship with self and with one’s chosen mate.

Today, there are fewer divorces because couples are marrying later in life, both have a professional career, children are being delayed until later in marriages.

Couples want to make marriages work! The sooner couples come when any challenges arise, the better the potential is to learn how to communicate well and build a solid trust bridge of understanding and respect. I see couples together, then apart a few times offering insight and tools that can and will mend rifts successfully. I mostly teach how to resolve differences.

As where we are alike, life is easy, where we are different, it is important to learn the skills needed to hear one another and find a win-win resolution to life’s challenges.

I welcome and enjoy couples, however you define a couple, where partners wish to share life together successfully. Committed partners, married, gay, straight, biracial, as I said, however couple is defined, the skills needed are the same to enjoy longevity in an enjoyable relationship together.


“When we came to Linda our marriage was in shambles. We had argued and had no way to successfully communicate to resolve differences. Also, our trust bridge had been broken in that one of us had had an affair, now revealed. We were able, after sessions together, then alone, back together, to communicate better, rebuild the trust bridge, and now are honoring and cherishing one another in a successful relationship. We learned resolving differences with respect is the key. Now we know how to do that with diplomacy, listening, responding rather than reacting, and therefore with a win-win ending.” T P and K P

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