At times, life can bring situations that are just overwhelming. However, there are always solutions. Working in a safe and confidential environment with me as one who offers unconditional positive regard and understanding can be the place to learn to handle grief over any loss in life with a contented life in one’s future.

“In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity.” -Albert Einstein

Human suffering can and does lead to a better place once we learn to think differently about the challenges and see opportunities in the future to enjoy life again. All human suffering is due to our thoughts. Learning how to think through any grief empowers one to move forward in life with contentment and understanding.


“I did not realize I was depressed. Linda helped me see that my inability to move forward was fear/depression. At first, at her suggestion, I sought medical help with some meds to help me through this difficult time. As I became more and more able to see that I could look my fears in the eye and find solutions, I was able to come off medication and am now successfully moving through life with understanding how to think in better ways about challenges.” M F

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