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I have worked with families, particularly in families where parenting issues arose. I have written many contracts with input from parents and children that clear up understandings and expectations in families.

This then, prevents the cycle of frustration that occurs when families do not have clear guidelines, the parents are not at the top of the hierarchy and responsibility precedes any privileges thus being parents who are teaching children to become independent youngsters, then adults.

As parents, our job is to teach children to be responsible, helpful, and most importantly respectful toward themselves and others.

Family structure that is clear, understood by all family members brings calm into the home atmosphere. When families have organizational means of logic, communication, compromise, and it is understood that parents are the CEO s of the family to guide children toward independence, family life is enjoyable for all.

For all of our lives, we must understand there will be an authority in our lives, this starts in families with children learning the wise ones, parents, have authority to teach their children how to live life with respect, for self, and others.


“As we began to launch our early college graduate, he became stuck in fear of applying for jobs and becoming an adult. Following several sessions with us, then him, then contracts as to how life would move forward, he did launch himself into a beginning job and moved out on his own.

When we started, he was home playing video games avoiding moving forward.

Our contract with him under Linda’s guidance with us all was agreed upon that he had to leave home as we did to go to work each day. His job for the day was to use library computers to fill out job applications and he could not return until the end of the day when we did.

He could go by his grandmother’s for lunch and to use her computer there. This propelled him to move into adulthood and the career he now is comfortable being part of as a man.” T C and D C

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