Individual Therapy

All of us, from time to time, feel overwhelmed with circumstances that enter our lives.

These challenging circumstances cause anxiety, (fear and worry), and depression, (sadness and guilt).

My father always said to me in my formative years, “There is always a solution to every problem, usually more than one.” He was right! Many paths toward healing exist. Learning to think in different ways about the problem helps create an effective plan of action.

Sometimes what we need is a person who has had similar events in their own life and professional training to help brainstorm potential solutions as tools to relieve the angst and sadness we feel when overwhelmed. Leaving with a plan is the goal of sessions with my clients. Clients put the plan in place, when we meet again, we discuss the how the plan unfolded, tweak and make a next plan to continue forward movement toward resolution for the presenting issue.

Whether individuals just need an understanding listener, suggestions, a plan to try, or the safety of unconditional positive regard in a confidential setting, I welcome any opportunity to travel alongside for a while with my clients as a fellow wayfarer journeying alongside for a while.

All human suffering is caused by our thoughts.

I have seen individuals for the 20+ years I have been a clinician in psychotherapy which is, in laymen terms, “talk therapy”. Over thinking problems only causes more angst. Cognitive restructuring, learning to think differently that is, leads to finding self-confidence and self-love by removing the blocks that are preventing successful living through challenging times. I can give you the tools needed to achieve a path ahead that leads to self-empowerment using these tools effectively.


“When I first came to Linda, my shoulders were so tight they were up to my ears and I could not sit down to talk. I was so anxious over a relationship break up and some other childhood thoughts that I also could not drive. Linda allowed me to walk around her living room while we talked and within a few weeks I was able to drive to her home, sit in her study, and walk without seeming stiff or awkward. Linda has a gentle understanding manner and great expertise in her approach that makes sense. I left with a plan to follow after each session that brought me to a new place of calm and peace within my selfhood.” T E

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