Premarital Counseling

I consider premarital counseling one of the most important types of counseling for those preparing to live a long life together.

While parents in families of origin have done their best, there still are usually parts of how families “ought to work” that do not work when couples blend two different philosophies together learned in our families of origin.

Recognizing these thoughts and learning what the specific skills to implement will ensure open safe communication, resolving differences and learning to seek and find win-win solutions.

This can make the difference in relationships leading to an enjoyable relationship in marriage. Learning these skills early and applying them to the new marriage brings joy and contentment to the couple relationship. Successful conflict resolution is the key to joy in marriage.


“As we planned our wedding after dating and living together for a couple of years, we knew we needed some help in learning to be married with success. Neither of us had parents who had managed to have one long marriage. We did not want to go through the divorces we had experienced nor did we want our children to go through this either. We learned how to honor one another as we are rather than as either of us had been pressuring each other to be not realizing we were therefore copying the difficulties that broke up our parents’ marriages. Recognizing that and learning how to truly love has brought us to the altar feeling hopeful we can create the marriage we deeply desire.”J D and M C

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