Spiritual Exploration And Growth

“God (or our higher power however defined) comes to us disguised as our lives.”

-Paula D’Arcy.

In other words, living the life we have been given is how our higher power works in and through us toward a loving, kinder world for us all.

For most of my life, spiritual matters have been of high interest to and for me. I have read a library full of books on all sorts of topics concerning spiritual understanding. Connecting to a higher power therefore discerning my role as an active participant in learning to be kind and loving has been my quest.

From whatever avenue one has come through toward understanding spiritual enlightenment, I am a person who enjoys exploring together why we are who we are and what our purpose may be in this life. I have had clients who came week after week just to share in this journey together as we sought our purpose as we traveling as pilgrims seeking truth.

Learning to become conscious human beings rather than on cruise control in life is one of the greatest journeys of all.

Most of us live in about 95% cruise control, seeking that higher 5% of being truly aware of our higher consciousness spiritually is a lifelong quest for us all.


“At first, I met with Linda to overcome depression. In the course of our time together, as a deacon in my church, she helped me realize I had lost some of my connection to God. She shared books of interest with me which became a journey for us both. We read the same books and discussed them weekly for several years. This helped me personally and as a leader in my church with members I met with for guidance. I looked forward to sessions with Linda and treasure our pilgrimage together. Linda is nonjudgmental and a good listener, exploring possibilities however always honoring the fact that spiritual journeys are an individual path with our higher power. Sharing thoughts helped me so much to have a safe place to share my spiritual journey. Linda is open to new ways of looking at all avenues of spiritual connection. We explored world religions as well as various other viewpoints with openness and understanding spirituality is a universal yearning for humanity.” R F

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