Work and Career Issues

In today’s work and career world, individuals will likely change jobs several times and jobs will evolve into very different types of settings than have been true in the past.

Realizing one needs to make changes can be frightening.

Brainstorming with a professional counselor helps one see and blend skills personally held, credentials, job experience and other relative ingredients to prepare for a job/career change that will be rewarding and enjoyable.

I have worked with many clients seeking and going through job changes that led to more self confidence and self esteem through the process and in the new position found in one’s career path. Many of my clients have been women going through a divorce and needing to reenter the world of work.

Together we have found ways to use life experience as well as skills to seek and find a job that provided not only financially but rewarding in self-empowerment as women in the world of work.


“As a new divorcee, I was fearful of launching myself into the workforce again. Linda helped me see my skills and abilities empowering me to move forward using my degree as well as life experience to open a business that has become quite successful as well as enjoyable.” T S

“When I came to Linda, my son had to drive me to her home. I had lost my mother recently as well as my job as a pharmacy tech. She helped me unwind, be able to drive within a few sessions, and see that my long love of crafts could and have produced income as well as enjoyment as a career path. This has brought me such joy.” B B

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